Merci Hartmut Pilch


At Munich in April 2009 a photo of RMS and Hartmut_Pilch
Hartmut Pilch is the FFII founder; he was President till november 2005 .
FFII is the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V

« The EPO mass-produces broad and trivial patents on unpatentable subject matters in order to finance itself, without much regard to competitiveness of European industries. The existing unitary system has already gone out of control, and the post-grant unitary system under discussion now would make the system even more self-referential and unreformable East-Asians are already among the big customers of the EPO and as their share increases the protectionist effect of the system decreases. »
– Hartmut Pilch

Amazon One-Click Patent still lingering in Europe after 15 years (January 2013)

Hartmut Pilch : criticism of the EPO (March 2011)

Patentability and Democracy in Europe ( April 2010 )

Make Polluters Pay – How to make patent examination fast, efficient and robust by Hartmut Pilch (September 2008)

Copyright for innovation ( February 2008 )

Understanding software patents by Hartmut Pilch ( September 2006 )

Ten core clarifications ( April 2005 )

EU Software Patent Directive Amendment Proposals ( December 2003 )

Hartmut Pilch’s Speech at the Europarl
Hearing of 2002-11-07 ( November 2002 )

Sustainable Patent Reform by Hartmut Pilch and Georg Jakob

On the Grammar of Patent Claims by Hartmut Pilch and Georg Jakob (September 2008)

« My message to the patent world is: Either get back to the doctrines of forces of nature or face the elimination of your system. »
– Hartmut Pilch

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