Most ideas come from previous ideas. Alan Kay

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Pharo is more than a modern Smalltalk European Smalltalk User Group

The early history of Smalltalk by Alan Kay

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About COG

Why I love Smalltalk

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ESUG smalltalk on Twitter

The Early History Of Smalltalk

the August 81 BYTE-Smalltalk issue at

Alan Kay quotes

Alan Kay portrait

Design Principles Behind Smalltalk by Dan Ingalls

The May 85 BYTE-Smalltalk issue at (starting at page 151)


Dan Ingalls – Podcast 1/3

Dan Ingalls – Podcast 2/3

Dan Ingalls – Podcast 3/3

Dan Ingalls: Object-Oriented Programming – a podcast

Alan Kay’s Dynabook — Rare NHK video

Personal Computing: Historic Beginnings – a podcast

Alan Kay on the future of Collective Intelligence – a podcast

Eliot Miranda

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OOP the trillion dollar disaster,_Jr.

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