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Merci Richard Stallman

« Chaque génération a son philosophe, écrivain ou artiste qui saisit et incarne l’imaginaire du moment. Il arrive que ces philosophes soient reconnus de leur vivant, mais le plus souvent il faut attendre que la patine du temps fasse son effet. Que cette reconnaissance soit immédiate ou différée, une époque est marquée par ces hommes qui expriment leurs idéaux, dans les murmures d’un poème ou dans le grondement d’un mouvement politique. Notre génération a un philosophe. Ce n’est ni un artiste ni un écrivain. C’est un informaticien »
— Lawrence Lessig .

« A non-free program is a predatory social system that keeps people in a state of domination and division, and uses the spoils to dominate more. »
— Richard Matthew Stallman alias RMSénérale_GNU
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Merci Peter Drahos with John Braithwaite


« Propping up the patent system and other intellectual property systems at the expense of free trade turned out to be something of a long-run miscalculation by states. During the 20th century the patent and copyright systems were colonized by big business, which routinely used these system as the backbone of international cartels. These cartels exacted a heavy toll from states or rather from their citizens. Patents formed the basis of a cartel among pharmaceutical companies to raise the price of broad-spectrum antibiotics, causing countless thousands of deaths among people who could not afford to buy them. »
– Peter Drahos with John Braithwaite (page 36 Information feudalism)

Information feudalism – Who owns the Knowledge economy? Peter Drahos with John Braithwaite (pdf of about 900 kb) (pdf of about 360 kb)

Access to Knowledge: Time for a Treaty? (pdf of about 230 kb) (pdf of about 990 kb) (pdf of about 210 kb)