Digital Rights Activism (DRA)

Probably DRA (Digital Rights Activism) takes up a core position in the bunch of modern liberties fights. The main reason : civil liberties fights are strongly DRA dependent. Do you want to be in the thick of things ? the following links are one of the first steps …

Internet and Freedom of expression by Rikke Frank Jørgensen (pdf)

Activist guide to the EU (pdf)

Digital Activism Decoded-The New Mechanics of Change (pdf)

Announcement of two new books of Hector Postigo

The Dynamics of Participation and Organisation in European Digital Rights Campaigning by Yana Breindl

No-Three-Strikes, Yes to Net Neutrality: Distributed Campaigning and Digital Rights in the European Union by Yana Breindl

Activisme sur Internet et discours stratégiques autour de la propriété intellectuelle par Breindl & Briatte

À propos de Rene Paul Mages (ramix)


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